Personal Stories

Here you’ll find a selection of personal stories from our New Zealand children with arthritis and other autoimmune conditions. These ‘differently-abled’ courageous children and teenagers have shared their journey with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).
Kids With Arthritis NZ would like to acknowledge and thank, all the children, teenagers and whanau / families, who have shared their journey. You are inspirational young people, and we celebrate your accomplishments.

Please remember every journey is unique to that person. Sharing of personal stories is an act of kindness. It lets others know they are not alone.

Please check with your child’s Specialist or GP if any of these articles have generated medical questions for you.


Myla’s Story

Myla’s Story 7 years

Hazel’s Story 6 years

Esme’s Story 10 years

Maya’s Story 9 years

Andi’s Story 8 years

Zara’s Story 10 years

Teenagers – 13 years to 19 years old

Jessika’s Story 14 years

Zara’s Story 14 years

Ollie’s Story 16 years

India’s Story 14 years

Sarah’s Story 18 years

Mireille’s Story 16 years

Hazel 15 years

Caelan’s Swimming Achievement 17 years