Fundraising ideas


There is almost no limit to what you can do to raise funds for Kids With Arthritis NZ. From sponsored events to quiz nights, days out to the beach with games, let your imagination run wild! We’ve put together this list of a few ideas that might help give some inspiration – but don’t be limited by these! Almost all of these ideas can either be done online or in-person, or a combination of the two.

Giving of your time and energy to fundraise can be rewarding and fun, especially if you get your family, friends, child’s school, sports club, or work colleagues involved.

100% of all money raised will go back to the KWANZ children.

If you need any help in setting-up a fundraiser, or want to run some ideas past us, please get in touch with our KWANZ Secretary.


Together we make a difference for our CHILDREN WITH ARTHRITIS and OTHER AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS.

Fundraising Ideas_Kids With Arthritis#

Important information

When planning any event, please remember that your safety is the top priority. If you plan a sponsored physical event, you can stop at any time if it becomes difficult or painful. Your health is more important!

For all in-person events, please make sure you follow all relevant government and public health advise and do not put yourself or other people at risk.

For online events, make sure you use passwords and ensure a responsible adult in your group has control of the online space so can remove anyone causing a nuisance. Please also make sure you keep yourself and your family safe online.

Sponsored events

If you can do something, you can get sponsored to do it! Whether it’s a sponsored bike ride, a sponsored silence, a sponsored singalong, or anything else, you can use your talents and skills to raise money for Kids With Arthritis NZ Charitable Trust. Once you’ve thought of an idea, you may like to create an online sponsorship page on Givealittle nz which you can send to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.

Fundraising Ideas_Kids With Arthritis#
Fundraising Ideas_Kids With Arthritis#

Quiz nights

Hosting a quiz can be a fun way to meet with friends whilst raising funds for Kids With Arthritis NZ. You can run a quiz in-person or online (such as through Zoom). To run a quiz, make sure you have the questions and answers prepared in advance, and think about how you will score each round. By charging a small fee, which goes to Kids With Arthritis NZ, you can support our work and raise awareness that children get arthritis.

Jars for JIA

How about some jar-themed fundraising ideas (Gold coin to enter):

    1. Decorate a jar with stickers and fill with loose change. Which team or class can raise the most?
    2. Guess the number of sweets in the jar – the closest guess, wins the jar of sweets.
    3. Guess the number of coffee beans / marbles / screws in the jar, with a small prize for the closest guess.
Fundraising Ideas_Kids With Arthritis

Cake sale

Everyone loves a cake sale. Have fun baking and decorating some cupcakes and biscuits to sell.

Sausage sizzle

The smell of cooked sausages with onions, wrapped in a slice of bread and drizzled with sauce – who can resist it! (Make sure permission is granted where you are holding your Sausage Sizzle, e.g. School, Work place, Outside a Business)

Seasonal activities

Why not tie-in your fundraising event with a seasonal activity, asking for a donation to take part:

      1. An Easter egg hunt
      2. Christmas crafts
      3. Valentines Day

Fundraising idea are endless…..

  • Mufi day at school or PJ’s for JIA at work, Superhero Day
  • Wear BLUE for JIA day
  • BLUE Ribbon Breakfast
  • Busking
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Car wash
  • High tea
  • Bake-Off Competition
  • An auction
  • Silent auction
  • Skills auction
  • Golf tournament
  • Snooker tournament
  • Running event
  • Cycling event
  • A talent show