Corporate Partnering and Sponsorship

Corporate Partnering & Sponsorship_Kids With Arthritis

Corporate Partnering and Sponsorship

In order to expand our activities and provide improved support for children with arthritis and their families throughout the country, Kids With Arthritis NZ Charitable Trust are keen to establish partnering and sponsorship relationships with New Zealand businesses.



Mental Support for Teenagers and Families

We are aware that there are mental health issues with many of our children, particularly teenagers, where there are examples of depression, bullying, anxiety, substance abuse, lack of motivation, and self-harm. Our recent Survey Monkey of members confirms this. We would like to either run an event or develop programmes where the teenagers can meet with others in a similar situation, receive counselling, and assistance with developing day-to-day coping skills and skills that will assist them with transitioning from the school and home environment into being more self-sufficient as a young adult starting a career for themselves. Empowering young people living with a chronic illness such as JIA is vital.

Weekend getaway for KWANZ families – KWANZ Camp

Two-day events in the four main centres where we can bring families together and run various informative sessions with health professionals (e.g. paediatric rheumatologist, physiotherapist), and subject matter experts talking on various subjects such as resilience, mental health and coping skills, dealing with depression and low self-esteem, and preparing teenagers for life in the workforce after school. We would also include separate sessions with the children/teenagers with arthritis (in two age groups), their siblings, and parents so they can share their experiences and challenges. This will produce valuable outcomes and varying needs of the various family groups that we can focus on as subjects for future events. There would also be fun activities where the children/teenagers could learn about teamwork and leadership and be challenged mentally and physically. We would need to hire appropriate facilities for these functions and significantly subsidise the travel costs of the families thereby maximising the number of people who could attend.

Educational Videos

We have previously commissioned two short videos on diagnosis and treatment of juvenile arthritis. These are on You Tube and the links to them are on our website. We would like commission more videos on subjects such as mental health support, healthy living strategies, nutrition for people with arthritis, building self-confidence, and self-esteem, etc

Christmas Functions

Our intention is to run events in the three main centres (Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch). Bringing families together is important, connecting with others who are living with JIA has a positive impact in the child’s life and also for the entire family, as they see they are not alone on the JIA journey.

We would be very happy to discuss in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact our Treasurer Phil Donnelly