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JIA Event of the Year: KWANZ Family Camp

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JIA Event of the Year: KWANZ Family Camp

JIA does not only affect the child, but it also impacts the parents, siblings, and the relationships between family members.

Family members can often experience the full gamut of emotions — from guilt and resentment to anger, loneliness, anxiety, confusion and the feeling that they never get enough attention. But with a little effort and creativity, the family can work through these issues — and even come out stronger as a result. That is why bringing families together, that are experiencing a similar journey is extremely beneficial.

A Kids With Arthritis NZ Family Camp is, FUN, EDUCATIONAL and CONNECTS families on a similar journey. Medical professionals are invited to the camp, to present informative information to the parents.

A child growing up with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) can be very isolating. From pain and fatigue to doctors’ appointments, and they may feel disconnected from their peers.

Children with Arthritis that attend camps gain a greater understanding of their own diagnosis and treatment, build strong peer support networks and develop skills such as, gain independence by learning self-management skills. With developing independence and increase confidence, it will help them to take charge of their own care.

At camp, JIA children can also discuss their challenges of living with arthritis and shared their solutions with each other in support group sessions. In these groups, they find friends and peers who have a similar diagnosis and are walking the same path. Siblings have the opportunity to get together to discuss their thoughts and feeling of having a sister/brother with JIA and how it affects them.

At a Kids With Arthritis NZ Family Camp, it is a lot of fun with super activities, but it’s also educational for all family members. The family will leave being super-educated, informed, and will have had a rememberable fun filled weekend with their family and new friends.

Kids With Arthritis NZ campers rate their experience as life-changing, many developed life-long friendships. Campers report that attending camp helped them feel more empowered about taking an active role in their care – discovering new ways to cope with pain and developing a better understanding of their disease and treatment.

One of the most repeated phrases by campers – “Now I do not feel alone. I am not the only one with JIA!”

Your support in Sponsoring the Kids With Arthritis NZ Family Camp will let these brave JIA warriors know that they are not alone in their fight. Join us as we celebrate the resilience of our KWANZ JIA warriors and their families.

We would be very happy to discuss in more detail and answer any questions you may have.
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