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Empowering Young People: Looking after Mental Health

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Empowering Young People: Looking after Mental Health

Empowering Teenagers and Children with the information and skills they need to navigate this complex JIA journey, is vital.

Young people with long-term physical conditions, such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, JIA, and other autoimmune conditions, are more at risk of suffering from poor mental health, such as experiencing feelings of sadness and anxiety, low self-esteem and poor self-image. Many things contribute to these feelings, such as feeling different from others and unable to keep up with their friends, and worry about what will happen to them in the future. Physical limitations, quality of sleep and pain also contribute to feelings of depression. Unfortunately, these elements can cause a vicious cycle, for example, feeling depressed reduces the motivation to be active, which can make pain and stiffness worse, which can disturb sleep onset and/or staying asleep etc (see illustration below). Children with JIA are most at risk of depression if they feel defined by having JIA, rather than feeling like a whole person with lots of different strengths and qualities. 

Every dollar you give to our “Empowering Young People” initiative is an investment in stronger, more informed young people and families. Your support enables us to bring in experts and resources, providing children and parents with the tools they need to have a positive mental health. Together, we can turn the uncertainty of JIA into a path filled with knowledge, resilience, and hope.

Your donation would support workshops, create resources, ensuring that young people and their parents have access to the latest research, treatment options, and coping strategies. By contributing, you become a vital part of their support network, helping them face JIA with newfound confidence. Join us in lighting the way for young people with JIA.

We would be very happy to discuss in more detail and answer any questions you may have.
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